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New album Sick Liver Blues here www.swampdelta.bandcamp.com Announcing the release of Swamp Delta's third single and video CUT LOOSE. This "music" was encoded in the dark depths of the South Wigston Swamp Delta, sent to the heart of the Mekong D where the vocal was strangled out before being mixed and mastered at Rainbow Pork Studios LA (Leicester Area). A visceral slice of Swamp Punk Blues that spits out of the speakers like an amphetamined rhino, tearing up the audio spectrum to reinvent the Urban Bastard Blues one more time The Delta Crew have been in deep rehearsal preparing for their live debut at UK festivals this summer. There latest single/video CUT LOOSE is now ready for release. The video features the oldest Rocker in LA Johnno on vocal-mime as our singer is currently deeply involved with Swamp black-ops in the heart of the Mekong Delta area and unavailable for filming. Johnno is a veteran of the LA punk scene who is well know to aficionados and is rumoured to have been to a few Damned gigs over the years (600+) We first met him in the late 1970s at Guthlaxton College Wigston where he was fixing the roof wearing a pair of bondage trousers. As a tribute to his tenacity in the face of Babylon, the South Wigston Anarchist Media Project filmed him at home performing CUT LOOSE, Swamp Delta Collective current line up. Asian resident Screaming Delta Anderson -- former CRAZYHEAD vocalist and CIA black Ops veteran - belted out the lyric. The Porkbeast, ex CRAZYHEAD bassist, hirsute guitar wrangler and full time spiritual hooligan crucified his Vintage SG (Swamp Guitar). Robber Byker ex GAYE BYKERS ON ACID bass guru twisted a tsunami of BYKER metal out of his mutoid six string.. Swamp Delta Denizen Blink Cyclone shuffled and snorted out his licks on bass. Swamp Delta are proud to announce the MIGHTY Rob Vomit -- ex CRAZYHEAD engine room tub thumper is now a member of the collective and will be playing with the Delta at Bearded Theory Festival this summer. These 5 Delta Delinquents are set up and making a stinking cacophony of venomous blues for the nation. A Tetra Tank of Muscled Music. A Tribe of Tenacious Terrornauts. A Trans-continental Troop of Twisted Troubadours, Transporting your ears to new Territories of Tangled Tunes. Listen Live Enjoy. Peter St John Nettleton, Artist Containment. Transylvania 2014