This Would You Rather Test Will Reveal Your Personality! 10 Hardest Choices Ever (Personality Test)


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Would You Rather?? Make The Hardest Choices Ever! Test Your Personality Traits And Style Now! Subscribe for more! ------------------------------------ Number one. Would you rather, Kiss your crush. Or Kiss your mum. Would you rather, Camp alone in Polar bear hotspot for one month. Or Camp alone in Japan suicide forest for one week. Would you rather, Stranded on an island in the middle of Pacific Ocean. Or Kill two puppies. Would you rather, Swim alone in salt water crocodile infested water for one hour. Or Kill two cats. Would you rather, Immerse yourself in a bathtub of toxic scorpions. Or Immerse yourself in a bathtub of toxic toads. Would you rather, No Internet Access for five years. Or Do extreme sports for the rest of your life. Would you rather, Walk on the lava without shoes for ten minutes. Or Kayak alone at the anacondas and crocodiles hotspots. Would you rather, Swim in crocodile infested water for one hour. Or Backflip on the edge of skyscraper roof. Would you rather, Climbing the frozen waterfall in Canada without safety gear. Or Climbing the Shanghai Tower without safety gear. Would you rather, Do handstand at the edge of cliff. Or Cliff hanging without safety gear at Grand Canyon. Well, what did you pick? If you pick B more than A, that means you are an optimistic person. You are more proactive about doing a variety of things that are health-promoting. Optimists aren’t just people who see the glass half full. You also tend to make more money than pessimists. And enjoy health benefits, such as fewer colds, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and a longer life. However, you are less likely to take the opinions of others too seriously when they don’t agree with you. If you pick A more than B, it means you are more likely a pessimistic person. You will find boundless optimism tiring. This means there’s a fine line between optimism and being unprepared. You often feel like you’re forced into the negative role, for instance Someone has to be the No Man, and that always ends up being you. You are definitely a king or queen of contingency plan. You always work the best out of Plan B. you are absolutely well prepared, when the worst cases scenario arrived. Not bad either.