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This is a rare compilation of Nazrul Geeti sung by Akhil Bandhu Ghosh, a legendary Bengali Modern Song composer, lyricist and singer. Nazrul Geeti or Nazrul Sangeet, literally "music of Nazrul", refer to the songs written and composed by Kazi Nazrul Islam, a Bengali poet and national poet of Bangladesh and active revolutionary during the Indian Independence Movement. The Mass music and poems of Kazi Nazrul Islam have been widely used during the Indian Independence Movement and Bangladesh Libaration War. The music is highly motivational and revolutionary in nature with strong and powerful words and captivating tunes. Akhil Bandhu Ghosh on the other hand is that legend who can be coined as the master of masters. The melody king of Bengali Modern Songs Akhil Bandhhu Ghosh demands respect to the fullest. He recorded classical-based and modern Bengali tracks as well as the songs of Nazrul. He also performed in many musical soirees and sang Kheyal, Thumri and Bengali Modern songs on All India Radio. He created numerous hit Bengali Songs. This one is a rare compilation where one can hear Akhil Bandhu's rendition of various Nazrul Geetis. Born in 1920, Akhilbandhu's childhood was spent in his maternal uncle Kalidas Guha’s house. There he found an environment conducive to music as the house had been a center of daily musical activities. As a ten-year-old boy, he won accolades from listeners by singing Tagore’s Ami bhoy korbo na, an event reported in the newspapers of that time. An inspired Akhilbandhu then began to formally learn Indian classical music first from his guru Nirapada Mukhopadhyay and then, mainly because of his guru’s wishes, from Tarapada Chakraborty and Chinmoy Lahiri, both illustrious exponents of classical music. Akhilbandhu learnt from these masters the subtleties of Indian classical music. In January 1947, Akhilbandhu’s first record was published by Megaphone Record Company. This exceptional talent never had to look back since then. This compilation album has many hit Nazrul Geetis such as Rasa Ghana Shyam, Kuhu Kuhu Koyeliya and Nilambari Saree Pori sung beautifully by this legendary singer. Overall this Classic compilation is a collector's delight. === ALBUM SONG DATA === All songs sung by Akhil Bandhu Ghosh All Lyrics & Compsitions: Kazi Nazrul Islam ► Rasa Ghana Shyam 0:00:02 ► Shunya E Buke Pakhi Mor 0:03:33 ► Rumjhum Rumjhum Badal Nupur 0:07:18 ► Hansha Mithun Ogo 0:10:16 ► Or Nishita Samadhi 0:13:27 ► Kuhu Kuhu Koyeliya 0:16:51 ► Nilambari Saree Pori 0:21:10 ► Megh Bihin Khara Baishakhe 0:24:56 ► Jhara Jhara Jhare 0:27:30 ► Khele Nander Aanginay 0:30:49 ► Murali Dhwani Shuni 0:34:15 ► Hey Madhab 0:37:41 Music Label - Megaphone Know more visit us at #NazrulGeeti #AkhilBandhuGhosh #KaziNazrulIslam