FASTEST Steps To $30,000/mo w/ A Brand | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

Arie Scherson

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🚀 How I Got One Of My Dropshipping Stores To $130,000/mo in 90 Days (Full Course + Mentorship)!👇 💬 Follow Me On Instagram (I Answer DM’s!)👉 ⏯ Free Facebook Ads Training (Full Playlist)!👉 📈 How To Scale Sustainably (Branded Ecom)!👉 💻 Best Winning Product Software👉 ⭐ Loox Review App - Import Product Reviews (30 Day Free Trial)👉 Alright guys, its pretty clear that branding is the way to go for 2019. Today I wanted to share with you some of the stats behind my Shopify brand and also show you EXACTLY how you can achieve the same results. It basically comes down to 4 major steps that you need to take. #1: Focus on the brand image and website first. #2: Start testing products. #3: Maximizing back end systems. #4: Scaling with proper inventory. I talk about each and every one of these things in today's video. I made it as concise as possible (around 10 minutes long) so that you can learn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. - 👇First time watching my videos? Let me introduce myself :D! 👇 My name is Arie Scherson and I am a young entrepreneur & digital marketer. Over the last three years I have built three 6 figure online businesses and I am continuously working to grow them. The first one was built while I was working a part time job as a server at a restaurant and juggling a full time college education! Trust me it was tough, but after finding consistent success I decided to quit my job and quit school, this lead me to having more free time to scale my businesses and also to create this YouTube channel :)! - I started this YouTube channel as a way to share my journey, and I continue to do that till this day. In this channel I cover things related to shopify dropshipping, Ecommerce, Facebook ads, entrepreneurship in general and even give you a glimpse into my personal life from time to time. I’d love to be a part of your ecommerce journey, and if you enjoy my videos please do subscribe.