The Short Mad Women in the Attic Playlist


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I've started watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the show immediately made me want to make a new mad women list. I am also considering making a list of my top five or so favourite tracks from the show itself, but I guess they are heavily copyright claimed. Nevermind, we'll see.

Added the songlist (in truth, I stole it from Nefeli Malfoy, thanks for the great time stamps ;) )

00:00 Our Lady Of The Underground (Anaïs Mitchell - Hadestown)
04:37 Addict - Stephanie Meyers
08:03 LSD Grandma - Absent Sunday
10:41 The Taxman Cometh - Flora Greysteel
14:00 Unkind - Pinkeye
18:04 Range of Motion - LadyBabyMiss & The Tigermen
23:58 Windmills Of Your Mind - Parenthetical Girls

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