Karla Turner and Elton Turner - UFO Congress 1994 (Remastered)

WordMean Publishing

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Filmed at the Third International UFO Conference in 1994 at the Showboat Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Original footage provided by UFO Congress. Footage and audio remastered by WordMean Publishing 2018. Although the original VHS quality was rather difficult to improve, the audio is a lot clearer and easier to understand. Dr Karla Turner was widely respected in the UFO community for her research on alien abduction. A scholar and professional educator, she earned a Ph.D. in Old English studies and taught at the university level in Texas for more than ten years. But in 1988, she and her husband, Elton, and son endured a shocking series of experiences and recollections that changed their lives forever. Karla's dropped her professional university career and turned her full attention to providing the world with intense amounts of research. Her first book, Into the Fringe (Available via WordMean Publishing), told of her own experiences and those of her family. Her second book, Taken - Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda (Available via WordMean Publishing), summarized the abduction stories of eight women whose experiences covered both "alien" and human intrusions, and both benevolent and undesirable elements Mrs Turner passed away in 1996 after battling cancer. With the official blessing and backing of Elton Turner and family, WordMean Publishing has revised and remastered several of the late Karla Turner’s vital works. www.wordmean.org Find us on Facebook - facebook.com/wordmeanpub