MMDxAPH ~ Whiskey Lullaby


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Inspired by VandettaCosplay's video - Okay for some reason when i listened to this classic folksong, i had this in my head involving the relationship between England and America. WARNING - SENSITIVITY ALERT! If you are uneasy about the situation of the video, look away when you see the gun :-( Sorry usuk lovers Don't worry, no models were hurt during the making of this video. Plot - England is scared that his relationship could be ruined by religious views so instead of admitting his love, he marries Sakura so he and America can still be friends. However, America takes this as a turn for the worst....... There's nothing wrong with Windows movie maker but it has limits which is why the credits ran too slowly and i didnt have enough space to include Roco, the model maker for cowboy america. I don't the music, models (except Sakura), backgrounds or the effects. just the motion. Inspired by Vandettacosplay. Full list for the models - Kanaha - Japan and England Roco - Cowboy America Zeze - America and Canada scrollyksbn - Liechtenstein I only own Sakura, my model. All of the accessories and backgrounds are either from Deviantart, Mediafire or from Bowlroll