Killer Queen - Marc Martel (one-take)

Marc Martel

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Queen's breakthrough hit, "Killer Queen" appeared on their third album, Sheer Heart Attack in 1974. I wouldn't break forth into the world for another 2 years, and the song wouldn't actually break into my life for another 30-ish years. Yet it endures. This is one of Freddie's songs that makes me go, "What in the WORLD is that chord progression?!" "It's just the circle of 5ths, bro." "Ok, I've had quite enough outta you, music nerd... whoever you are. Go stand over there." I get a kick out of performing this one early in the set, as it causes everyone to let down their guard and realize that Queen's music is a lot about fun, although Freddie had a deliciously poignant reason for writing this one (which one can easily Wikipedia). I truly hope you enjoy this video I made, as it's another Queen song I've learned the piano part for just for you! I'm very much enjoying this process, as it's allowing me to expand my repertoire for the occasional lonely solo show. Nice! Oh, and I've never asked this of you before, but these videos live and die by how you respond to them. And the very best way you can respond is by giving it a like and sharing it yourself. But only if you love it. No pity shares, please. :) As always, thanks for supporting my music!