ASTROBLAST BREAKS HIS LEG! Remote Control Skylanders SuperChargers Cars (Surprise Fun Challenge)

TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl

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We have some fun with new Skylanders SuperChargers toys!! Skylanders SuperChargers Hot Streak & Crypt Crusher Remote Control Cars ... the kids have a race challenge using Anki as our track and Legendary Astroblast & Legendary Sun Runner Sky Racing Action Pack with Wolfgang Trophy Cup as the "winners-right-to-unbox". Thumbs up for all the fun, hope you guys enjoy! Next Up is Astroblast Gameplay! ========================================== ►Our T-Shirts: ►Our music on iTunes: Please, Thumbs up & Subscribe! We appreciate it! :) We are a Family Channel dedicated to Skylanders! - The Skylander Boy and Girl Our Other Channels: FGTEEV FUNNEL (FV FAMILY) VISION DOH MUCH FUN ============================================= 🏁 Skylanders SuperChargers Walkthroughs/Lets Plays: ►Chapter 1: Skylands in Chains: ►Chapter 2 & 3: Motley Meadows & A Fuel's Errand: ►Chapter 4: The Great Breakout: ►Chapter 5: One Safe Place (The Academy): ►Chapter 6: Conquered by Kaos: ►Chapter 7: City Under Sea: ►Chapter 8 & 9: Scaling the Road & Temple of the Cloudbreather ►Chapter 10, 11 & 12: Call Down the Thunder, The Brewing Storm & All Roads Lead to Ruin ►Chapter 13: Mayhem at the Market w/ Mommy Man! ►Chapter 14, 15, 16: Lord Stratosfear Boss Battle & Land of the Undead w/ Count Money Bone ►Chapter 17: Upside Downstairs Overtheres ►Chapter 18: Chase the Wishstone Bully ►Chapter 19: Uncle Crusher Crushes Count Money Bone w/ Q&A ►Chapter 20 & 21: Rock On w/ Sky Dad & Mom! (Battlebrawl Island) ►Chapter 22 & 23: We're In A Book! ►Chapter 23: Hydra & The Darkness Chase / Battle: ►Chapter 24 & 25: Gadfly Glades - A Teensy Problem! ►Chapter 26: FUNGI FUNHOUSE! Mom has HUGE HEAD! ►Chapter 27: Glumshanks, You're Fired! ►Chapter 28, 29, 30: Kaos Diary-uh & Cluck 'n Candy Corn 2.0 SKYLANDERS SUPERCHARGERS HUNTING VIDS: Part 1: Skylanders SuperChargers Hunting @ TOYS R US: Day 1 Variants Adventure (Pt. 1) Part 2: Skylanders SuperChargers Hunting RACING CHALLENGE! Where to Next? Day 1 Variants Adventure (Pt. 2) Part 3: Skylanders SuperChargers Hunting HALLOWEEN Fun! Day 1 Variants Adventure Haul + Unboxing (Pt. 3) FGTEEV NO COMMENTARY GAMEPLAY 🏁Warden / Count Money Bone Boss Battle: 🏁SpellSlamzer Boss Battle: 🏁Gladfly Glades Boss Battle: 🏁Cap'n Cluck Boss Battle: 🏁Emperor Kaos Boss Battle Chapter 50: 🏁The Darkness Boss Battle Chapter 51: ►Epic Portal Surprise of Skylanders SuperChargers Wave 1 & 2 Toys & Starter Packs ►Skylanders SuperChargers Cannon Launcher Fail! Wave 1 & 2 Toys (SuperChargers & Vehicles) Unboxing Race Fun ►Skylanders SuperChargers: WHAT A "RIP"!?!? Starter Pack Unboxing: Dark Edition, WiiU & Xbox One Fun ►Unboxing Skylanders SuperChargers @ 120mph 🏁 RACING CHALLENGE 🏁 (Epic Unboxing pt. 24) ►Monster Trucks Attack Golden Hot Streak! Epic Unboxing Part 23 (Skylanders SuperChargers Fun!) ►SKYLANDERS SUPERCHARGERS BAD LIP READING: Part 2 - Cap'n Clucks Chicken Song (Superchargers Say What?) ►Skylanders Buried Treasure Mountain Jackpot Surprise (The Dig Hunt 4 RARES) $$$$ Skylanders Superchargers SUPERCHARGED CHALLENGES: Super ►SKYLANDER FAMILY RACING TOURNAMENT BATTLE: 3 Rounds, 9 Laps, Who Will Win??: ►Skylanders Superchargers Online Racing wRAP UP Song! (FREE DOWNLOAD): ============================= LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Royalty Free Music & Content by