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Get 15% off your first pair and free shipping at Get your first refill pack FREE at Slack: Where work happens. Go to to learn more. The first ever episode of KF/AF kicks off with a bang. Nick remakes Tim’s “How Avengers: Endgame Should End” viral video, Andy blindfolds Nick for the bird box challenge and the audience Ask’s Andy Anything. Time Stamps - 3:10 - What is KF/AF? 11:25 - Andy re-enacts his shower horror story 17:30 - Recording the connect between 3 & 5 theme song live 22:20 - Nick & Andy play connect between 3 & 5 24:30 - How Avengers End Game should end 28:15 - Advertisements 32:30 - Birdbox blindfold beverage bonanza (Nick) 49:10 - Ask Andy Anything 55:20 - KF/AF Photoshop challenge of the week Thanks to for our timestamps! Subscribe! Support us and get the shows early here! Check out our store! Follow us on Twitter! Nick - Andy - Kinda Funny - Every day Greg Miller, Tim Gettys, and Nick Scarpino talk about the biggest stories in nerd culture. Music by Tonedeff -