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Support #BOMBEATS on patreon Japanese Trip Hop pioneer DJ Krush is back with an album this year(2018) titled "Cosmic Yard". It's an ethereal piece of work with cosmic sounds mixed with old Japanese influenced instrumentals over pounding dark beats. Known for his unique style and trademark sound, DJ Krush delves into contemplative, futuristic soundscapes with this release. This one is guaranteed to transport listeners to the boundaries and alleyways of space. It's dark up there. DJ Krush is back!! Support the artist! Buy/Download the album: - Itunes: Discogs: Alternate:!/DJ-KRUSH-COSMIC-YARD/p/102257939/category=758346 Follow DJ Krush Official: Soundcloud: Facebook: Tracklist: 00:00 1. Regulus 03:51 2. Stellar Wind 07:14 3. Divine Protection feat. – 渥美幸裕* 11:36 4. Asterism (Interlude) 13:16 5. Emission Nebula 17:21 6. Law Of Harmony feat. – 森田柊山*, 近藤等則* 23:45 7. Dust Trail 27:27 8. Bow Shock (Interlude) 29:14 9. La Luna Rouge feat. – Binkbeats 34:13 10. Ignition 37:42 11. Habitable Zone (Chapter 1) 42:11 12. Sporadic Meteor feat. – 近藤等則* ^ No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to DJ Krush and his label. This album is posted simply to share great music with a worldwide audience. Album Buy links have been provided. If the rightful owner has a problem upload do get in touch. Thank you! Enjoy :D Follow #BOMBEATS Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: