[G.NI DANCE COMPANY] The Dance (Dancing in the Moonlight) - Charlotte Martin Choreography. Soo

GNI Dance Company[지니재즈댄스컴퍼니]

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===================== Since 1999 [1999년 설립] G.NI Jazz Dance is a professional contemporary dance school for making a professional dancer and entertainer. We are focused on the jazz dance, jazz funk, lyrical jazz, jazz ballet, modern jazz and K-pop dance choreography curriculum. All the regular courses of the fixed-number system are focused on quality over quantity, so that one can grow together like a team. gnidance.com instagram/gnidancer facebook.com/jazzdancer kakao http://pf.kakao.com/_xkrfZV cafe.naver.com/gnidance blog.naver.com/dancecoach