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OKAY, I TRY NOT TO FREAK OUT EASILY - BUT MY DAUGHTER IS HAVING HER TOP TOOTH GROW IN EITHER OUT OF PLACE OR OUT OF ORDER... MEANING THAT HER TWO FRONT TOP TEETH ARE CUTTING THROUGH (LIKE YOU WOULD EXPECT AFTER THE TWO BOTTOM MIDDLE TEETH) - INSTEAD THERE IS A TOOTH GROWING ON THE TOP OF HER LEFT SIDE?!?! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME??? PLEASE COMMENT & TELL ME IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED SOMETHING SIMILAR & EVERYTHING WAS FINE OR IF THIS IS A POTENTIAL BAD SITUATION! SHE IS MY THIRD CHILD & ALTHOUGH ALL OF MY CHILDREN BROKE/CUT THEIR TEETH EARLY (MY FIRST-BORN TAKING THE CAKE WITH HIS FIRST BOTTOM FRONT TOOTH CUTTING THROUGH @ 2.5 MONTHS...) NEITHER OF MY BOYS HAD TEETH GROWING IN OUT OF PLACE OR OUT OF ORDER AS AN INFANT - IS THIS SOMETHING COMMON OR SOMETHING I SHOULD CONTACT THE DENTIST ABOUT??? ANY COMMENTS, ADVICE, EXPERIENCE FROM YOUR CHILD OR SOMEONE ELSE'S WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! I WOULD AT LEAST FEEL COMFORTED KNOWING I'M NOT ALONE - AND POTENTIALLY THAT SOMEONE ELSE HAD THEIR CHILD'S TEETH TO GROW OUT OF ORDER & THEY ALL TURNED OUT FINE?? WHAT CONCERNS ME MOST IS THE POSSIBILITY THAT HER PROPER TEETH ARE GROWING IN THE WRONG POSITION - IS THIS POSSIBLE??? THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!!! SINCERELY, PRISSY *OPEN ME* ***HIT THUMBS UP!*** -------------------------------------- *****COMMENT!***** -------------------------------------- ******SHARE!****** -------------------------------------- ****SUBSCRIBE!**** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you so much for watching! Please Hit the Thumbs Up if you Like our Videos, Share, & Subscribe!! We will be uploading fun content regularly! Let us know if you have any special requests as well! Take Care! ~Prissy~ ***LET'S BE FRIENDS FOREVER!!*** --------------------------------------------------------- *SOCIAL MEDIA*: ---------------------------- Instagram: @__prissy__ Twitter: @__prissy__ Facebook: Michael N Priscilla Fitzgerald *Send Mail Packages or Samples To*: ------------------------------------------------------------ ATTN: PRISSY or THE PRISSY MOMMY LIFE P.O.Box 945 Milan, TN 38358 *Contact Email*: -------------------------- [email protected] *SUBSCRIBE*: ----------------------- *RELATED LINKS & VIDEOS*: ---------------------------------------------- MY CATASTROPHIC GUN FAILURE - GLOCK BLUE ANGEL #6 HONOR TRIBUTE - MISSING MAN FORMATION BRIETLING JET TEAM PRISSY'S GOOGLE HELP ANSWERS... 3D/4D ULTRASOUND MAMAROO REVIEW BABY CAUGHT BREATHING IN WOMB BABY'S FIRST BATH IN HOSPITAL ROOM MINECRAFT REAL LIFE TOOTH EXTRACTION Palin Belly Dancing Slow Motion Lip Flapping!! HILARIOUS!! ABC Block Stacking! Slow Mo Trampoline Popcorn Jump Slinky Walking!! Our Pet Frog Abagail NASA Moving Objects With Your Mind Dog Jumping on Trampoline ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: ***IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO ME - COMMENT SUBSCRIBED OR SUBBED ON ONE OF MY VIDEOS & I WILL AUTOMATICALLY SUB YOU BACK!*** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ThePrissyMommyLife FACEBOOK: ThePrissyMommyLife INSTAGRAM: ThePrissyMommyLife TWITTER: That's @__prissy__ (With 2 Underscores) ;) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Send Mail to*: ATTN: PRISSY or THE PRISSY MOMMY LIFE P.O.Box 945 Milan, TN 38358 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Contact Email*: [email protected] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------