Jonas Brothers Cool: Hidden Messages And Secret Shoutouts


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Jonas Brothers drop their second song since reunion.
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Amy Cassandra Martinez

The Jonas Brothers have just released their new music video for their new song “Cool” and it’s pretty much the best thing you’ll see all day!

Hey guys, my name’s Amy and you’re watching The Trendy where we cover the latest in celebrity and pop culture news and today we’re breaking down how “Cool” the Jonas Brothers are!


This whole music video just screams the ultimate '80s beach party. According to the Jonas Brothers’ press release the video is set in Miami during the year 1984, the video aims to channel "the spirit of timeless eighties MTV in all its decadent glory." Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas give several nods to the decade, too. From the aerobics gear and to those totally awesome boomboxes. The video was directed by Anthony Mandler—the same person who directed the music video for "Sucker." While the new video doesn't feature the stars' lovely ladies like the first one, Joe does make a subtle reference to his fiancée Sophie Turner.
He sings: "Oh, I feel like Post Malone when I get home. Sittin' there, winning like it's Game of Thrones,"

This is the second song the group has released since reuniting after a nearly six-year-split. And fans are absolutely thrilled, many took to twitter to share the emoji with the word COOL and it’s the coolest thing ever.
‘And the news only keeps getting better! The JoBros recently revealed they've recorded 30 to 40 new songs!
So I want to turn it over to you now -- what do you think of the “cool” music video? What was your favorite part? And are you excited to hear all those songs the Jonas Brothers have recorded? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below and as always thanks so much for watching the Trendy where we cover the latest in celebrity and pop culture news. Make sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel.

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